The Great Gatsby and "The Good life"

Daisy Buchanan 

Daisy Buchanan is another character who may easily be mistaken for having an admirable, perfect life.  Truthfully, she is the most sensitive of all the characters, and the most emotionally unstable.  She marries Tom Buchanan for his money, not because she is deeply in love with him.  The person she does love, James Gatz, is thrown under the bus because he does not make enough money.  She is shallow and judgemental, as she cares more about materialistic possessions than true love.

Daisy’s relationship with her husband is awful, but she stays with him because of his money. She cheats on him, and turns a blind eye when she is cheated on. She is surrounded by someone who does love and care for her, Jay Gatsby, but she treats him terribly.  When she realizes he is not who she thought he was, she is quick to give up on their relationship.  There is no doubt that she does not have strong morals, and lives her life selfishly. The only thing she does have out of all the aspects of a “good life” is that she is financially stable, however she prioritizes this on her list of necessities far higher than she should, causing her to not have the other aspects of a perfect life. She sacrifices her chance to have a “good life” by honing in on one part of the ideal life, therefore ruining her chance to actually achieve it in the end.